Monday, October 29, 2012


 Hey Family,
So that I actually have time this are the things that I wanted to say last week and some things I wrote down this week..kinda in bullet point fashion in no particular order.
One of my first couple days here we played soccer with a boy who lives on the side of a gas station in this tiny house while waiting for his parents who are investigators to arrive back home. It was so fun and humbling at the same time... the ball was garbage and we were litterally playing around trash but non the less we built a relationship with this future convert.
Taxis here are motorcycles..its pretty fun about every other day we take one for some reason or another.
Everything is SUPER cheap here... so .50 of a boliviano (bs) is 7 cents in american money. So a ice cream bar is like 30 cents, my sandals broke so I bought some crocks for $3.50 most day to day items here are less than 3 bs or 45 cents.
We have the two cutest little girls in my ward and they just love to talk with me we pass their house alot and they just love giving me high fives and messing around. They are four and five, but I just absolutely love the families here and there are a lot of them too.
My trainer is really good, we follow every rule with exactness and work really hard.
The women here are very good looking like you warned me dad and Joseph. There's a girl that lives right across the street from us that I find very attractive and most Americans would but I guess Latinos don't think the same thing is attractive haha but don't worry I have my mind in the right place
Every one gives us pop and nothing else, so I MAY come back fat for that reason alone. No more pop after the mission for two years that for sure.
For Christmas I would like peanut butter I cant find it any where Ill let you know when I can but until then I would like some for Christmas please!
I forgot to share with you guys a story that happened to me the last night of the mtc in lima. So we went prociliding the saturday before we left and ate salad for lunch. The church said it was fine but half of the americans got sick from it..including me. It was awful so while I was in the shower I got a prompting to ask one of the other elders in my district for a blessing so that I could travel the next day and be fine. I didnt want to but the prompting kept coming so I decided to. It was one of the most powerful things I have ever felt, for him and me. And the elder was so glad that he could be apart of that and feel that he said he was suprised how strong he felt it.

So alot of times in the night we teach this family that is not married but has the cutest 1 year old girl ever her name is dasha, Her parents are very soft spoken people and there house is set back from the street- no motos. It gets a bit cooler at night so our lessons with them is always the best because they are relaxing quite and easy for the spirit to be there. Its my favorite time of the week.
So we found this old man sitting eating a ice cream cone just people watching on the side of the street outside his house. We have taught him a couple lessons and says that he will get baptized so we will see what happens, but during one of those lessons we taught the first lesson which involves the joseph smith story. This was my part of the lesson and i recited the first vision to him. What power that story has. The spirit was so strong during that time even though we were outside next to the loud motorcycles and other things- i then testified it was not just a story that it really did happen and that is why we were feeling the feeling we felt. It was amazing and I love to feel that every time.
so our fridge broke so we cant have cold anything...its kinda rough cuz food gets tricky to store and stuff soo yeah. But we have five who have confirmed they want to get baptized! So thats exciting.. im going to try and attach some pictures again...oh and i bought a safari hat because the mission allows it! haha heres a picture

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