Monday, November 26, 2012

11/26/2012 2 Nephi 31


I really need you to figure out how I can use an atm machine here with my wells fargo card...thats just how it works here. NONE of the banks can help me with that..another north american said that wells fargo is free to use atm machines...but whats my pin number and what is it there are three options I can choose at the machine 1. credit card 2. checking 3. savings..please get back to me.

I just got grandma jeans letter..took exactly one month to get to me haha I dont even know how to send letters here. Tell her it was great to hear from her and her testimoney! I was kinda wondering if she was still doing ok with health.

What happened with sister Labrum! thanks for writting me this week..NOT. Ha A mission would be amazing if only I had my family here...thats all my life is missing.

So it flooded here again this past week, we wore sandals one day for the flooded streets and during knocking doors a dog attacked my umbrella and broke it kinda haha..I was so mad but it still works..kinda.

So we have an investigator, Davi, 19 years old- he basically came to use through the stake presidents daughter in santa cruz. We taught him the resturation and the libro of mormon. The day we taught him the book of mormon he told us he prayed about joseph smith being a prophet (after the resturation lesson) abnd he didnt feel anything. But after he prayed after the book of mormon discussion he said he felt "peace and joy" just like it says in the scriptures. He says he knows its true and now he just needs to assist one more time and we need to teach him all the lessons and commandments. I just think its awesome how the lord gives us many different tools to build our testimoney (i.e., prophets, b.o.m., bible, family, PARENTS) I was lucky to start my testimoney very young by watching you guys, my parents and family. From the start I knew that this church had something that made you guys want to be different from the world. Thank you for that.

ANother achievment this week is a couple that knows its true that NEVER attends church CAME TO CHURCH yesterday- it took a bit of push and pull but they came. So, we set a date with them for the 15th of december for baptism, that means they have to come the next two weeks of though...its going to require alot of faith from me for that to happen because I have a lot of doubts they can do it..i think I wrote about them in the last letter.

I just want to share a bit I learned in my personal study. 2 Nephi 31 is basically the bible and book of mormon in a nut shell if thats possible. It contains all of christs doctrine in one chapter! Its like a map back to heavenly father with 5 pitstops. 1. faith 2. repent 3. baptism 4. gift of the holy ghost 5.endure to the end (wow that was really hard for me to write that in english hahah). THose 5 things are all we need to do to live with out heavenly father! I would suggest anyone that is doing missionary work in your lives to read that chapter..its golden. It even has an invitation to follow Christ!!

Yeah I have nothing more, but only because no one but kemper wrote me.. Kemper sorry I didnt respond personally but I had just enough time to write all this for the entire family. Keeep up the missionary work! I feel so bad for not helping the missionarys in my ward before my mission.

Love you all,
Elder Ure

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