Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/3/2012 Davi and the Spirit

Mom and family,

No Celeste did not send the pictures unfortunately. I would love to see the pictures haha. That story about Landon makes me laugh/almost cry at the same time. I love that little guy so much its kinda ridiculous because hes not even mine! 

So yes our refrigerator is fixed now. We eat chicken and rice for practically every single meal haha.. I've only had like two different things here that I do not like. Most of the time I don't enjoy the meals because they are bland, but its not like I cant eat it. Only one thing I wanted to gag on but only because it had a base of mayo. By the way.. this key board I am using is AWFUL and I cant really remember how to spell anything. I had my first  dream in SPANISH December first hahah. I don't remember what about because what was important was that it was in Spanish.

As for Brooke coming to visit...I have no sympathy haha... that was like 3 years of life for me. But shes someone that needs to write. I always hear from you Mom, Celeste, Heather, Kemper, sometimes Dad. Only Brooke and Joseph need to write. Everyone..you can write me at 10:30 Joseph and Kemper's time Monday mornings!! We can have like an instant chat with emails.

Three things with the work here..
The young couple that I have been writing about came to church again!! We only need them to come one more time in the next six weeks, but if they come this Sunday which I have faith they will that'll be three straight weeks. The requirement is three attendance  the Brother is very excited for me to baptize him. I think I'm more excited haha there date is the 15th of this month.

So I talked a bit about Davi the other week..Dad you wrote me about him and that concept (thank you so much for all your amazingly rich words when it comes to the gospel  but Davi brought his sister this time to church with him. I had the impression to ask Davi to explain the feeling of the holy spirit to his sister rather than me. While he was explaining how his sister could get an answer that this church was true she broke down in tears out of no where...shes only 11 years old. I know that she knows its a true and real concept..so we will see what happens with her too..Davi always assists and is going to the cochabama temple (the outside of coarse) and there we told him he could pray that the 22nd is a good date for baptism for him.

Last but not least we have been teaching a girlfriend of an RM in our ward. Shes is absolutely the dumbest girl I have ever met, no joke hahaha.. but shes going to be baptized too. However she doesn't live in our ward hah..so shes a gift for other missionaries.

That's all I've got. Ill send pictures when Celeste sends me pictures of the fam. and my picture. Thank you mom for the pictures of the house, I feel like my kingdom is being built for me in heaven as well as in this earth too hahaha...

Love you all

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