Monday, November 19, 2012


Sooo, i don't really have much for this week please don't get mad haha. First of I have been meaning to ask about sister Labrum and how shes doing. Second curious about what you did with the Tacoma ..every day I see nice Tacomas here than I had and I miss my truck haha I walk dusty roads the whole day.

We should have had five baptisms for this month however.. 2 of the younger kids we are teaching 14 years and 18 years want to get baptized and always attend church but there mom is very hesitant and we need to talk to her..other wise we would have baptized them this week. Another young kid..same thing hes fourteen and his mom wont let him yet. And then the two that are a young couple that we have love the gospel and have a testimony but never attend they cant get baptized either ha-

However... We found a new family that has a lot of interest and they said that would come to church because the dad wants to see what its like and they actually came haha... that's honestly a miracle for the people here. He wanted to talk to the bishop so they chatted in the hall for a bit and now he has that connection..I have a good feeling about them..we can only meet with them once a week because of his work and stuff so it'll take some time but hey, we've got time. We are going to be in this area for another six weeks because I'm being trained.

But yeah things are going a bit better trainer looses it sometimes with me because I don't understand Spanish which means I don't understand things in lessons but its progressing.

Love you!
Pictures for next week yeah?

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