Friday, October 5, 2012

10/5/2012 Almost in the field!

Hey Fam,
So I have 7 minutes to write this letter because I wasted lots of time looking at pictures and writting a short message back to those who emailed me.
So first thing. New companion went to west point. Awesome guy, Lord finally let up on me and hopefully I learned my lesson with how to deal with comps. But ya just a week and half till I am in the field. Kind of insane! I currently have a love hate relationship with this place. I Love it, couldnt ask for more, but I cant handle being in class all day with our new teachers that we got after the first three weeks here...its killing me. And our district is starting to get snippy with eachother, including me. Its hard not to when you spend so much time in a tiny room with them for 6 weeks- but thats ok- we have 10 days left ha.
I Dont know why, probably not inspiration, but one night I just thought about Dad and was wondering how he is doing.. All I know is Elder Bednar said dont worry about if a feeling you get is of the spirit just do it and ask questions later... so here is me asking how you are doing dad. and no it is not because you dont write me hahah.. I understand that.
But mom I just wanted to thank you, I reread the 2000 strippling warrior story today and love the verse it talks about there moms teaching them that God will protect them if they have faith- its in the 40s some where. And they said how they knew that to be true because of there moms. I want to thank you for teaching me since I was young that I am not alone in anything I do and constantly remind me that God is with me as well as angels.
I got the pictues of the house...they worked. Send more! Pictures are my favorite as much as I love you guys letters  Elder Ure

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