Thursday, October 11, 2012


Thanks for the email.......  And I definitely agree with you on the conference theme. We talked with our branch president here about things we liked and learned in conference and I said that was what I felt like the theme was as well.. probably because you and mom ingrained into my head so many times that a testimony is not enough, especially now as Elder Bednar said. No longer can we grow up on our parents testimony  find our own somewhere towards the end of college and think everything's going to be fine. I have heard so many times while on my mission of elders messing up before because they didn't have their own. I'm grateful to have you guys who pushed me receive mine at an early age, who knows if I would even be on my mission if you hadn't.
You should have been here in the ccm after that first session..all the elders were freaking out because they didn't know what to expect with the girls they left back at home, if they would go on a mission or not. This is going to mean A LOT more girl missionaries because less will be in a serious relationship by the time they are allowed to go on a mission. The Lord must need more women to teach the hardened hearts of this world.
Love you,
Elder Ure

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