Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey so just because of today we are going on  a tour of Lima our PDay is today, thats totally fine that no one wrote me. I understand, but that just means you have to write twice for this next week!
So nothing special in the ccm (mtc in spanish) besides the fact that my companion WENT HOME LAST NIGHT! His leg had been previously infected on the bone and he almost lost it about a year ago and the infection came back. So we have had lots of doctors appts. and things like that. Now I am in a three some with some great elders. My new companion flys in at the end of this week or something I dont really know whats going on I just do whatever President Cardon tells me haha...
Saturday we went around to all of the less actives, which sounds harder than people who dont know anything right? But me and the elder from Naperville I told you about last time were together again, and we killed it!!  (that means did very well) He has been here three weeks more than me, so he took the lead on most of the inactive investigators, but he was just amazing at making sure I was understanding everything that was being said because Im still trying  to learn how to understand natives, Gringos are easy to listen to, but Natives mumble like us. So We got all five of our inactives to say that they would attend church yesterday..whether they did or not i dont know and I really dont want to haha, I would like to think they all went. One of the guys we were told to go to was actually a active member who lived right below the missionaries and owns a shop. So after we shared a quick message and testimoney he brought out some cold pop and cookies from his store for us. How delicious to eat while walking the streets of Lima, Peru.
Not really anything else going on here besides we said good bye to the advanced elders yesterday and we are now considered the advanced..the new elders should get here tomorrow or the day after...weird to think Im considered in the advanced hahaha...
Because you guys didnt write me you need to send me pictures in this next email to make up for it 
Love You All,
Elder Ure

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