Monday, October 22, 2012

10/22/2012 - In the Field

Family and any one else!

Hi so I think I have four minutes. So i am here in Bolivia... its SOOO hot and really really humid. They do not have ac. This is a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY joke, but I am kinda getting use to it.

My shower electrocutes me if I touch the water too close to the spout. Its kinda fun to have my muscles clench up haha.. but I guess our house(apartment) is one of the nicest in the mission. Its always really sunny never clouds in front of the sun, theres clouds but never in front of the sun dont know how thats possible hahah. But ya, I dont know there are dogs everywhere...umm I love the people here they are so nice, at least the members are. Whoever said they will all be really accepting because they are poor was wrong haha..we have had a lot of rejections door to door knocking haha

We leave the apartment at around 12 every day, and never come back to it until 9- its very tireding and hard of the feet but I mean its what I expected a misssion would be hahaha... Taking a shower at night is sooo amazing because you litterally never stop sweating once you leave your fan in our aparment. But yeah its awesome. THe foods not bad, and I may or may not be picking up the language any better.. I dont know haha. But my trainer is a latino and knows NOTHING in english he kinda trys to learn but not really hahaha- he dosent even know how to say good and bad hahah.

But the pictures of the house are SO cool to see. and I am VERY excited for heather getting will have to send me pictures for sure I dont even know what my brother in law looks like hahaha... 

I am kinda like a baby here..always looking around trying to figure stuff out becausae its so foriegn to me. and people always stare at me cuz i have blond hair (aka here as a choco) its really fun and interesting and now I have no more time so Ill talk to yo later! Love you!

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