Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/19/2012 Needed Prayers

So funny thing is yeah. I do know Jilleto, his first name was Austin, well actually they were twins on my floor in SNOW HALL! But I forgot the other ones name. Pretty cool guys. And funny thing is, is that I just heard that story about the Kings Emerald in Provo a couple weeks ago..the mormon world is TINY! I cant telll you how many people here on the mission that I have had mutual friends haha.. i mean, a elder in my district we found out hung out with Ashlan Rogers this summer a couple times. What a waste of time for both of us...im still bitter I wasted the dating side of freshmen year haha  you can say I told you so hahaha
I know you always say that I have alot of prayers for me, but honestly I need that. Its hard to remember when you are all by yourself with tons of new people around you. Saturday we went actuall prociliding? I dont know how to spell it ha, but yeah I went door to door in this Peru neighborhood with actually another gringo. You are supposed to get a latino comp. for the day when we go on saturdays but I got a really cool kid that grew up in Naperville and was friends with Landon Eyer at BYU. He has been here for three more weeks than I have which helped hahah. But we had a really amazing lesson with a REAL investigator, not a fake actor that the mtc in provo and Lima always has us teach. She said her house was dirty so she pulled out some plastic chairs that were very sketchy. My companion weighs about the same as me and we both almost broke our chairs haha. So we sat on her pourch for about 45 minutes discussing! We invited her to be baptized because we could tell she already had a very good foundation of gospel principals, but ran out of time because our bus was leaving, so we couldnt explain to her why she had to be baptized in our church with the proper authority, but its ok because one of the missionarys was watching us teach so he already knows whats going on and can go back to her to get a baptizimal date. Its crazy, he told us that in his mission they are supposed to find out right up front if the investigator who they met ten minutes ago would get baptized! If we did that in the states I think there would be a few guns pulled out hahaha. Such a different life style here.
Yes I would love to see pictures. I LOVE pictures of the house, of you guys, anything! I am a very visual person haha.
I forgot to tell you guys how truely blessed I feel to have you two, your personalitys specicifically as my earthly parents. Know that I have seen the other side of everyone I truely feel like our fmaily is a picture perfect family. Not that we dont bicker sometimes and have little tiffys here and there. But we are seriously united in the gospel, and because of our firm testimoneys everything else falls into place- it effects our entire life. So thank you.
Elder Ure

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