Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/12/2012 1 week in Peru MTC

Hey family,

So it is kinda crazy to think I have been in Peru for one week already. Just some temperal thing about this place- The food is AMAZING. Apparently people come here to study food and become chefs and stuff. The MTC feeds us well. The facilities of this place (soccer field, rooms, landscapping, ect.) are more than I could have asked for. There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of this place too, its crazy cool. The soccer field is turf, like the exact same turf I played on in H.S. every couple of games. The Latinos say that I actually am good at soccer, genuinley. These guys have crazy insane good footwork. I bought Lama ties today, they are SOOO cool. I am going to get one for joseph and the brother in laws. The only thing this place is missing is my old district...mine now just isnt the same. My companion is very interesting, he was raised in a way that sheltered him and protected him from any harm at all.. Hes only cried twice this week. Its very interesting for me to learn how to deal with. I absolutely LOVE the latinos here they are the nicest elders ever and they really want to help me learn spanish. Saturday we get to go prociliding with a Latino, it is going to be very interesting. But way excited.

So I have been reading Jesus the Christ alot in my personal study time. Its an awesome book I wish I would have given it more of a chance at home. I just got done reading about the three times that Jesus was tempted in the wilderness to use his power. Satan failed the first two times, but the last time he said I bet you cant do it. I dont really know where Im going with this but I just thought it was interesting. Also thought it was interesting that Jesus excelled at everything he did as a boy because he was so in tune with the spirit he didnt have that obstacle of guilt and sin to overcome in order to learn what he needed to learn. It was also interesting to see him and his mothere slowly figure out that he wasnt supposed to live a normal life, he was special and different, he had a specific purpose and he could tell this at around 12, he just didnt know what yet.

Well I got to go. I am going to write my old district like I said I would

Love you guys so much,

Elder Ure

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