Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30/2012 Almost done with the Provo MTC

Mom and Dad,
Thank you for letting me know what is finally going on our there in the world with you guys. That's really funny about Toby hahah I can definitely see him doing that. That's also kinda funny about the blown tire, although I feel bad. I'm very jealous that you guys got to go see those sites that sounds like a lot of fun!
So it's my last Pday here in the Provo MTC, crazy to think on tuesday I will be flying to PERU!? I have grown to love it here so much and my district and I have become best friends, they keep talking about how weird it will be when us Bolivia elders leave tuesday and leave the rest of the Mexico elders to stay here for another 6 weeks. My Presidency is honestly without a doubt the coolest/best one here, each personality is just amazing, a little bit of everything I need. Oh before I forget, yes I did get my immunization card and honestly I don't even know if the MTC got my visa or not yet? I should probably go check in the Travel Office.
This Pday we were a little bit smarter about our planning. I got advice from the other district leader who lives in the room next to mine (He is BYU's QB's little brother, and he says he will be USU's QB when we get back) so I asked the district if they would like to leave for the temple at 7 am so we could get everything done early and have the afternoon all to ourselves and they said they wanted to. So my laundry is being washed right now while im writting, and then Ill have to rest of the day to my self until class at 6:30
But honestly nothing else is going on that I can physically desribe to you. The biggest stuff that is happening is going on inside my head and heart. I'm learning some spanish and I have such a love for the gospel and what it can do for EVERYONE. Even the wealthiest of people, or those that think they are fine with what they have.
I'm going to try and fit the fan that Brooke sent me in my luggage... Hahaha itll be interesting but that thing is too valuable for me to not try my best. Our windows are welded shut here so I can't even get a breeze going! I'm thankful for my amazing sisters.. I can tell that they all care so much for me. It's nice to know someone has my back on the other side of these gates.
I Love you all soo much. Not realy too much else to say right now though. Next Pday I'm sure there will be A LOT more going on hahaha.
Elder Ure

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