Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Family -
In this letter is my memory card. Please put the picture of me and two of my friends on facebook, as well as the one of me and two other friends in normal clothes, they are the big guys if that helps, put whatever other ones you think are good on there too.  Then send it back to me in Peru.
So it's my last night in the states.  If you guys want to send me mail in Peru (please do!) send me a stamp so I can reply, you can't buy stamps in the MTC. I can't explain how grateful I am for all the packages I got, thanks.
I know going to Peru's MTC is what I need, even though it stinks to leave my district/zone.  I know my Spanish will increase greatly.

Yo quiero compartir mi testificado.  Yo se que Jesu Cristo es neustro salvador, y mediente es el solo camino a vivir con padre Celestrial, y con nuestro familias para eternidad.  Yo se que el profeta Jose Smith vi a dos personas, Padre Celestrial y ellos hijo Jesu Cristo.  Yo se que el libro de Mormon es ver dad. Este es mi testificado.
I want to share my testimony. I know that he is our Savior. and through him is the only path to live with Heavenly Father, and with our families for eternity.  I know that the prophet Joseph Smith sat two personages, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  This is my testimony.

Elder Ure

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