Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/23/2012 Starting a New Life in the MTC

Hello there mi familia,
This is for everyone so please forward it to them because I don't have their emails....
So this last week has been alot of listening, adjusting, and processing everything thats going. Obviously, It means I am completely starting a new life, so it takes time to take everything in just like a little baby does. But I think after a full week I have finally settled down a bit, and we are no longer the newbies here in the MTC. It feels great haha. We have already all gotten super close with eachother in my district, and the guys in my zone are awesome. Some really cool guys willing to help you with anything. I didn't realize how many friends from school I have here in the MTC the first two days were crazy because every time I would turn around I was finding someone else from USU I hung out with. That helped the first two days alot.
But class is exaughsting and long, even for me the great studier ;) I know how to prey in spanish, bare my testimoney in spanish, and speak some phrases about the gospel. We have taught three lessons to a pretend investigator, but they take it WAY seriously, the investigator will never be out of character and will never speak english haha..luckily my companion knows more than me. He just sprained his ankle in vball yesterday so I have to take care of everything for him...blahhhh. But ya I really feel like I know my district/ zone well and I am starting to get the hang of my calling. The presidency of my zone says it was an easy choice in choosing me so that gives me confidence that I am right for the district. I am always tired!!! There is only one hour built into the week that I am allowed to take naps hahaha... oh well.
I don't really know what else to tell you guys. I love packages and I could use more of them, (candy, tennis ball, whatever) Mom I would LOVE a tiny fan sent to the Peru MTC when I get there. the AC in my building dosent work very well at all and my pillow is pretty wet from sweating when I sleep hahah..but I'll tough it out for this mtc. Bottom line is I'm happy, I feel like I've grown by a mile spiritually here, and the spirit is EVERY WHERE.. I didn't know I was a cryer until I got here. A councilor in my Zone presidency was offensive cordinator for BYU or something? Last name is Domen, my Presidents name is Pres. Wing. Anyway brother domen was leading the district meeting and he said the Pres. Eyring told him one time to just embrace that you are a cryer, so thats what I am doing.
Love you all,
Elder Ure
ps I go to the temple during my thursday p-days and go on temple walks sunday afternoons...but I most definitley do not want Brooke and Bri and Heather to try and find me :)

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