Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Dear Familia Parents and Celeste,

Spanish is starting to creep into my writing. It's good I guess.  Everyone knows the first 4 days of the MTC are the HARDEST of the mission.  Today is the 4th day and I thought it was going very well, but after my new friend and Elder in my district had a very bad day, along with three others in the branch, I started to have an awful day.  After talking with some of the others they told me it's because of my calling as D.L. that I am taking it too personal.  I just want our district to be happy.  They all have been giving me great compliments on how I am doing, but with adjusting to the MTC life, it's just so much to handle.  Things will get better because we are making it a conscience effort to rely on the Spirit and make everything right.  I would love some guidance and to hear from my parents soon...

Love, Elder Ure

p.s. I found those ties, I don't need more

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