Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 Fredy's Baptism and Birthday Week

So what did we do on my "trunky"/bday week? We baptized Fredy!!! Cute little guy that is just real sincere in his disires to follow Christ. He was a reference from his Mormon "future girlfriend" (in his own words) from La Paz. ha! She arrived Saturday and on Sunday at 8 in the morning he was baptized. Its been real cold here this week so that was a concern for us with the water because there are no water heaters in the church here. So we went to the hardware store in hopes of finding something to heat the water. We found water heaters (less the 2 dollars each one) and plugged them in at six in the morning in the baptismal font. Two hours later, the water was bearable. Fredy didn't say anything about the temp!!

Then he was confirmed a member.  Afterwards, he announced over the pulpit that he has plans to be sealed with his wife in a year and that every one has to help him so that that happens! Later we finished with the rescue process of the son of our ward mission leader! So it was a great week after all!!
For my birthday the owners of our apartment is a super old lady (whose bday is also July 26th!) and her 30 year old daughter that is a member and then another young family who are my good friends from the ward. I was studying and all of a sudden they start blasting a song that sang about a happy bday! I went out on our balcony and found them waiting for me with a cake and everything! Then while we were eating my zone leaders came with another cake and juice!! It was a great last week :)
       Elder Ure
Mision Santa Cruz de los Milagros

So I baptized Ozman Chavez by knocking his door. After his baptism he would always be so sad because he wanted his wife and kids to experiment the same...guess what. After 5 months after I left, these sisters baptized his wife AND his SON! :) The will be one of the first people we will visit with.

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