Monday, April 8, 2013

4/8/2013 General Conference


My campanion HAD to clean off his shoes before we left which made us fifteen minutes late so now you guys get a short letter!!!

First thing first.. conference..outstanding huh? Unfortunately I had to listen to it in I didnt understand it all but it was still great. I loved Elder Ballards talk about how the Priesthood Power comes from being obedient. Living in accordance with the commandments of god is what makes a Priesthood hold "powerful" with his priesthood or not.. It was funny because Elder Scott said just about the same thing in his! Another talk I enjoyed was the one from Elder Stanley G. Elis. the "Idaho farmer boy" many times did he say that or hint on that. You could really see and feel his backround before he even started talked. Me and Elder Toulsen (who is from Idaho) had a good laugh at how proud he was at that... but If Dad were to give one talk I would say that he would talk about what Elder Elis said. It dosent matter where your family grows up but how you raise them. Also, about living where the Lord needs you. Mom and Dad have expressed to me that they just feel right living there in Morgan, that the lord needs them most there. I think thats awesome. (ps I would LOVE a picture of the house some time...before next monday...please.

But yeah thats all, it would be nice to get written letters with physical pictures too...I dont feel like thats asking too much. Its great we have the internet to talk but really everything thats sent isnt "real" only lasts about a half hour while im here on internet..But dont worry I still love you guys haha.

If theres anything you would like from me let me know. But I love you all, and I pray from each one of you individually.

Elder Ure

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